Abhilash Purohit

I do a lot of things.
Here are some things I think I’m good at doing

Being an entrepreneur

I’ve been one for almost a decade now. The fact that I am still around means I am either good at it or very stubborn. Or both.

Advising entrepreneurs

I’ve always wanted to be a teacher, but was never sure whom to teach (and what). In entrepreneurial education, I think I have found my calling.

Gamification consulting

Everything we do – at work or in life – can be more effective when it is more fun. If the question is How, the answer is my Gamification company

Being a Magician

Being an amateur magician is something I absolutely love. Started as a hobby, became a passion and continues to be a fulfilling side-hustle.

Being a Writer

I like writing. I think I am decent at it too. I write fiction, business articles, Toastmasters speeches, keynote addresses and leave letters for my son.

Being a Runner

I have been a runner from the day I stopped smoking. Regular at running events in Bangalore. I have even organised a marathon event in 2014.

This is what people say about me


I had given up on my entrepreneurial ambitions and go back to a job. Abhilash helped me diagnose my business issues, and fix them.
He brings together a weird (and rare) combination of skills and knowledge. Understands issues quickly and gives great ideas to handle them.
We saw a very entertaining magic show at our company. Had a fun-filled evening. Thanks Abhilash.
Abhilash wears a lot of hats, and somehow does justice to most of the wide variety of stuff he does