Abhilash Purohit MagicIAN & MentalisT

Magical performances that leave you speechless & spell-bound!

Start from "Wow. How did he do that?" 

End with "That was so good. I don't even want to know how he did that!"

Why book Abhilash​?

You want sophisticated, not cheesy

There are magicians more experienced than I am. But I bring to the table something that most can't. Or won't. Modern, simple & sophisticated effects. Professional & humorous performance. To leave em speechless & spell-bound.

You want a bespoke experience just for you

Most magicians, while being extremely entertaining, offer the same 10 tricks presented the same way irrespective of the audience. I'll work with you closely to build a theme around the event you are planning. It will be just for you!

You want Education and Entertainment

Along with my magic kit, I bring with me a decade's worth of experience in running, consulting with and advising multiple successful businesses. Your audience can learn while they have fun. Only if requested.

Does it look like we could be a good fit?

Well, stop wondering. Pick up the phone and call me. Or write an email. Or whatever. Just stop wondering. That gets you nowhere.

About Abhilash

Who is Abhilash?

This guy

He started on a path to discover a hobby that would stick with him for life. He has been fooling around with cycling, fiction-writing, cooking, wet-shaving and cocktail-making for years now. The one hobby that stuck and has been a massive influence on his life is Magic & Mentalism.

He entertains, teaches and trains professional audiences with simple and memorable magic tricks and mind reading performances.

The roles Abhilash can play...


The Entertainer

The audience wants to have fun. They need a stress-buster, not an educational keynote. Modern magic and mentalism effects. Interactive and immersive story-telling.

Suitable for intimate settings of less than 10 people all seated together at a table. About 45 mins.



The audience wants to have fun, and learn a few magical concepts and tricks. Entertainment is still the primary focus though. Interactive and immersive story-telling.

Suitable for intimate settings at the table. Also suitable for up to 25 people in a classroom-like setting. About 60 mins.



The primary motive is Corporate Training. The audience wants to learn something valuable to their career or business. Magic and mentalism is interspersed with the training. 

Suitable for any size of audience, any setting. From 90 mins to half a day or even multiple days. Don't worry, I'll leave after this too.

Still not sure if I am right for you or not?

Why guess when you can ask!

If it's for a birthday party, or a classroom, or an alumni meet - I am not your guy. As much as I love these settings, I can recommend my friends better suited for them.

If it's for a corporate training/retreator an  MBA/B Tech classroom, or a co-working space with a lot of young entrepreneurs and employees - I am your guy.

If you're still unsure, just call me.

Wanna add some magic to your life?

I can't read your mind from across this screen. I need to be at least in the same room as you and your friends. Do everyone a favour, and stop reading this text and take some action already!

About Abhilash

Abhilash Purohit | Magician & Mentalist