Abhilash Purohit

The World Championship of Slapping each other

So, I stumbled upon the most morbidly attractive thing I have seen in a long time. I have wasted many hours now following this sport of pure adrenaline-fueled manly idiocy. It’s called a Slapping Contest. You might have heard of this. If not, prepare for a weird ride.

If you’re reading this on the website, you’ll see the cover image. If not, here’s the link to the image. Continue reading only after you’ve seen it.

This is not the fake wrestling you see in WWE. This is not even the real but highly controlled Olympic wrestling. This is not a protective gear wearing boxing or MMA with a referee who stops you if you get too carried away. This does not involve using defensive techniques mastered over many years to protect yourself.


Here, you stand in front of your opponent and surrender yourself to a ferocious open-palmed slap that lands on your face like a thunderbolt. You can do nothing – and I mean NOTHING – to reduce the impact. You just brace for it. In fact, if you flinch and move your face even an inch, that slap is disqualified and you have to prepare for yet another slap immediately.

Maybe you have been slapped in the past by someone and you’ve lived through the pain. Maybe you go to the gym, maybe you’re a fighter, or maybe you’re just strong. You might think you can handle it. I assure you – you can’t. I know I can’t. I wouldn’t subject myself to this – not even for a million dollars. Here’s the link to a video. Watch it, and lemme know if I am overselling it. Just watching it makes me lose some brain cells.

This is a competitive sport. Think of it like you being your street’s best cricketer, but now suddenly you’re facing an international fast bowler. Nothing can prepare you for what you are going to face (no pun intended)

The world, for young entrepreneurs at least, can be a bit like that. There are the Vasilis of the world waiting to intimidate you into not even imagining being an entrepreneur. You will be slapped hard. The slap may be figurative and not literal – but it will hurt just as much. You can do nothing to prepare for this. You just need to know it is coming.

You also need to know so many people are afraid of the idea of the slap, that they won’t even bother to participate in this contest. And many more will drop out after the first slap. Come prepared mentally for discomfort, and with a commitment to last longer than your competitors. That’s all it takes to succeed. I mean, sure there’s more than that (and we talk about that every day here). But, that’s the bare minimum.

Tell me stories of when the world slapped you, and how did you react.